Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Fisting for All! (How to take a fist)

Fisting is one of my biggest kinks.  I’ve been a fisting top for a while, I primarily learnt by watching fist porn and lots of it.   Mostly because I wanted to take a fist but didn’t think it was going to happen any time soon.   But I topped a fair bit and learnt from the feedback I got from bottoms.  When Storm and I got chatting about me owning him fisting played a large part in our discussions and as we got playing I decided that I wanted to take his fist.  This was in July 2015 but I was moving house and had things going on but I decided that I was going to take his fist before the year was out.  An ambitious yet achievable target. I’m nothing if not determined.

Storm has been an amazing mentor for me while I’ve been getting into fisting and he continues to challenge me and I’m pushing him too.  We have a unique dynamic that’s a lot of fun.  He got me working my way up my toy collection from smaller plugs and dildos to the larger ones, going up in size when they got too easy to take.  I practised twice a week, a shorter session on a weekday evening and a longer session with more stretching on the weekend. The weekend session was to get used to the stretching sensation and work my hole and the weekday session was to keep me in practise.

Sometimes I would get a little ambitious and there would be a bit of blood so then I would take  break and rest for a week.   This was only as the result of a small tear and nothing to be worried about.  If you are doing assplay and it hurts, stop.  For small amounts of blood put a small amount of cold water in your hole with a douche and leave it, or gently work an ice cube up there. If you see large
amounts of blood then get yourself down to a hospital and get checked out.

I experimented with lubes to find what worked.  Early on I enjoyed Lubrifist, finding the thinner lubes not enough when starting to stretch my hole.  But that got expensive so I moved on to making my own Jlube up.  I now mix it using a hand blender – the blade of the blender cuts the long chain polymers in the Jlube making a thicker lube.  I use around 400ml of water,   15g of Jlube and 2 dessertspoons of aqueous cream.  You can also add things to your lube but I'd save this for further down the line.  A drop or two of clove oil can give a little warming and help with the stretching feeling.  Some pigs add a little Volterol gel to part of their lube (so decant into two bottles leaving one plain) as this can help when getting into longer sessions.  If you leave the jlube to stand it will thicken up a bit so try and make it ahead of playing, even if only a couple of hours.

Also a note on numbing lubes.  Although I used one to start out, I wouldn't recommend it.  The trouble is you need to feel what is going on in your hole and by using a numbing lube it can help you relax but you can end up injuring yourself more easily.  Also it's giving a false sense of where you area as learning to relax really is the key to fisting.  I dumped the numbing lubes fairly early on and suggest if you use them you do the same.

I also had to play with the positions of where I used my toys.  I have a back issue (I slipped a disc a few years ago) so squatting on the floor doesn’t really work for me.  After trying various things I put my toys on a toilet and squat down on them there which is my easier for my back.  Getting fisted I find I’m much better getting opened up on all fours, then moving on to my back or into a sling when I’m open.  Now I’m more experienced I’ve been known to make pups lay down and put their arm up while I sit on their paws.  Well, I’m a Dom after all, and if that means I want your paw then be prepared for it puppy!  Play with positions and find what works for you.

When you are playing with others and stretching and fisting make sure you have smooth nails.  Nothing is less sexy to a fist pig than long nails, well long dirty nails maybe.  Trim them with nail clippers and then use a file.  Round the corners off too.  Give your hands a wash afterwards and then check they are smooth by rubbing them against your tongue.  If they feel rough and jagged on your tongue then they will in someone’s ass too!

It is also worth using gloves when fisting, I know I find I open up easier with gloves being used.  Also, using gloves protects against Hepatitis C which can be passed on from blood.  This can happen from fisting from small tears in the ass lining when playing, then if the top has any cuts or scratches on their hand then transmission can occur.  I only play without gloves with the pack.  Make your own decisions on safe sex that you and your partners are comfortable with.

As important as the above was the mental preparation.  Storm sent me some pages from a fisting book and then got me the book:  Fist Me! The Complete Guide to Fisting by Stephen Niederwieser.  I would highly recommend this if you are interested in fisting.  Fisting is an amazing kink.  It links your mind and your hole in ways that are very difficult to explain.  A key part of fisting is learning to control your mind.  You need to believe that you can take a fist and visualisation and learning to relax can play a large part in that and getting there.  I still use tricks from that book and that Storm suggested.  I curl my toes upwards if I’m struggling during a stretch for example to refocus my concentration and help me relax.  I’ll say it bluntly - go buy that book!

I won’t try and tell you what taking a fist for the first time is like.  I managed to take Storms fist in November having started working on it in September.  Needless to say it’s one of my biggest kinks now and when you need a fist in your hole no other kink or vice will suffice.  I’ve now taken fist in clubs which is a heap of fun.  I love people watching!  Rook has also speed fisted me, after thinking it wasn’t going to happen that day I took his paw in 30 seconds flat.  I’ve played with pig holes, chain and done all sorts of disgusting and horny things and I’m sure as hell not done yet...

What I will add that as with all kinks your journey is your own.  It’s not a race.  Don’t compare your progress to others and enjoy working towards it. Good luck!

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Descent of a Pig

So people want to read about filth.  The trouble is that what I get up to can be fairly extreme.  So what some of you reading this may find horny may be too much and repulsive for others.  So use the headings as either signposts or warning signs!  This is a very abridged kink journey with how I started getting into kink and to discovering just how much of a pig I am.  The aspects of Vulferam and Piston are deliberately omitted as they probably deserve to stand alone.

How I got into kink

I think it’s always been there really.  I describe it as an itch deep inside that needs scratching.  My early formative experiences were “fooling around” with a lad who was my age but in the army cadets.  We both said we weren’t gay but we both ended up in camos wanking in a small wooded area at the back of my house.  One time I ended up sucking him off. I’d wanted that for a long time.  Although all the while I’d been going to Church and praying not to be gay.  But I still ended up looking at porn online.  At a time when it took a very long time to download an image over a 14.4k modem…

Aside from the army gear, I also had a thing for tight lycra gear and swimwear.  I got a pair of “skintights” long tight swimshorts that I wanked into on more than one occasion.  And I wanked off into a wetsuit I had too.  I think they were the precursor to the rubber fetish.

Kink gear

The first kink specific gear I got was a pair of really nasty nipple clamps I got mail order when I was 17.  I still have them, and they still hurt like fuck.  But the first time I put them on they were way too much!  I wondered how anyone could ever wear them!  But I played with clothespegs and then some clover clamps and kept using them and eventually learned to enjoy them.  You guessed, now I’m a massive Tit Torture fan.  Almost to the point where I can’t cum unless my nips are getting abused.

I then slowly got some clothing.  A leather waist cost (yes grim I know), some rubber shorts.  As I got older I got into more, and developed kinks for rubber, gasmasks, and well pretty much everything.  Mostly funded by my student loan…


At this point play was very sporadic.  I had some ok sessions and some really bad.   The bad ones taught me how to top, as in time as I discovered my Dom streak I’d flip and use that along with what I had read to give subs better experiences and take them to the places I wanted to go to.  But that said I identified as 100% sub at this point.  But I was a pushy sub.  A very pushy sub, in the worst of ways. I think the worst session I had was with a local Dom who gave me a spanking session.  There was no warm up at all and it was just unpleasant.  Too much too fast on a new meet.  I’ve never actually had the kind of spanking that I’d like to receive.

Becoming a Dom

When I started playing with other guys as part of an open relationship I started to discover that I enjoyed fucking and started taking more of a Dom role.  I started expanding my skills.  On one occasion I gave a friend a really hard spanking, it was a long relaxed session with his ass slowly changing colour.  By the end I was going really hard on him and he was loving it.  I even used a police baton and a baseball bat.  But I ended up stopping as I was drawing blood.  The photo the next day from when the bruising came out was really something…


Well yes, this escalated quickly.  In my early twenty’s it was a hard limit.  But somewhere along the way the idea started appealing and I got watching scat porn.  As time went by I had scat sessions where I got fed, and where I fed and the sub didn’t do so well and puked.  So I fucked them in the mess.  Scat is for me a very headspacey kink.  I have to get on well with the person I’m doing it with and be in the right frame of mind for it to work.  Before doing scat I’ll often not wank beforehand for a period of time and often watch scat porn.  But doing it feels really piggy.  There’s no escaping the fact that you are doing something disgusting and for me that’s the appeal of it.


I fisted as a top for a fair bit.  And I had a false start on being a fist bottom.  I took it once and then not again for a long long time.  So when I owned Storm I decided that I wanted to get fisted.  I set a target to do it before the year was out and did it in 3 months, slightly ahead of target.   Storm and I very much click when playing and we have a heap of filthy fun.  One time in a hotel I farted over breakfast and unleashed a torrent of lube into my jogging bottoms that I couldn’t hide as we walked back to our room.  All of the pack fisted me over London Fetish Week(end) 2016, StormRook and Shadow. We’ve also used baseball bats, Storm and I have been to Hard On in full American Gear (and literally bashed guys with our helmets and annoyed them).  There was also a time when I was being fisted when my howling set the biodogs off howling.  Then on another occasion I literally dragged Storm out of bed after a fist orgy to punch my hole.


By this point I knew full well I was into power.  But I discovered a local pup, Hroar.  He mentioned on twitter about getting his head flushed down the toilet.  I said I was game for it, and the rest is history.  We discussed it and I found a cafĂ© that had a toilet that was away from the seating area and perfect for use.  So, I bogwashed the filthy pup and even ended up making him do it himself on order.  He’s a subby puppy.  As he is into sissy stuff I then played with public humiliation and made him come out with me in a very short skirt.  That culminated in a pre-Christmas Ann Summers trip where I made him ask to try on a skimpy Christmas outfit and record a video.   While the sissy kink doesn’t turn me on, I certainly enjoy power play.

Going Orange

I guess now I consider myself flagging orange.  I’m pretty open to most kinks by this point.  Weekend just gone I was pissing in an empty bottle for Cannon and Hroar to drink, I fucked Rook in Alert and took his fist and helped Teck pup get his tail in.  A very fun evening!


If you still want more go take a look at my xtube!